GoLaptopGo! Graphics provides live 3D graphics to studios and OB units using the Ross XPression Go system. This laptop-based solution is portable and allows us to provide a complete solution on site for any live production. We operate across South Africa and abroad. [ps2id url=’#50′ offset=”]Click here[/ps2id] to see some of our clients.

A thunderbolt connection to an AJA breakout box sends HD SDI out with audio, so we can quickly and easily plug into your studio facility or OB truck and be ready to Go!

We also create the graphical templates for your show, using your elements, clips and data. This can be done in a day depending on the complexity of the production.

For live social media tickers and sms crawlers, our system includes a “Datalinq” server which allows XPression to process incoming data feeds and display them as realtime tickers. This includes business indicators, news & sports feeds, election results, graphs, Social Media posts, text files and databases.
We have partnered with SocialMediaLink.TV who provide a realtime social media moderation tool. SML is an online browser-based platform that can be used from any computer connected to the internet. Click here for more on SML