Go! Graphics provides live 3D graphics to studios and OB units using the Ross Video XPression Go system. This laptop-based solution is portable and allows us to provide a complete solution on site for any live production. We operate across South Africa and abroad. Click here to see some of our clients.

A thunderbolt / USB-C connection to a breakout box sends HD SDI out with audio, so we can quickly and easily plug into your studio facility or OB truck and be ready to Go!

We also create the graphical templates for your show, using your elements, clips and data. We can also provide the graphic design for your show.  Credits include Miss SA, Idols, The Voice, Dancing With The Stars, Sunshine Tour Golf, Rugby, Football, Boxing, various awards shows, and more.

For live sports data, election results, business indicators, news, sport and social media tickers, our system includes a “Datalinq” server which allows XPression to process incoming data feeds and display them as realtime graphics.


Together with our partners at Trivio GSS, we are able to offer a complete gameshow solution including gameplay mechanics and technology, as well as the output graphics for big screens and in-vision monitors. Contact us for a quote.


Upon “buzz-in”, other contestants are immediately locked out. The system may be manually reset, or this may be done automatically after a presettable time. Buttons illuminate upon buzz-in, and may trigger additional lighting or sound effects.


Identify your contestants with multiple stunning screen feeds. Indicate their scores live, or display graphics to suit. Changing background images or colours clearly indicates a buzz-in event.


The custom software is tailored to suit your show. DMX and / or MIDI commands may be sent to trigger lighting changes. Comprehensive auditing is automatically done, and regular snapshots are saved to simplify re-takes.


Using our XPression 3D live graphics system, we can display gameplay, scoreboards, show & round logos, looping backgrounds and other video clips on your big screen, or direct to air via your vision mixer.


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With a wealth of experience in live broadcasting and streaming, Go! Graphics is able to direct and produce your broadcast or livestream.

We are also able to facilitate your production by providing studio space and outside broadcasting facilities through our partners and associates. We have established long-lasting relationships with our preferred suppliers and partners, to provide a high-end solution for any requirement.

Transmission options now extend across satellite and fibre to mobile data streaming, using various platforms and technologies. Go! Graphics are the people to speak to for your live production.


Go Graphics was established in 2014 by Jana Pienaar and Ilana Gordon. Jana Pienaar has 19 years of broadcast experience both in South Africa and in the UK. She is familiar with a wide range of graphics systems including Ross XPression, Pixel Power Clarity, Chyron Hego, and Inscriber. In addition to running the day-to-day functions of Go! Graphics, she now works as a live broadcast director. Credits include European Tour golf, Idols, Miss SA, Carte Blanche, KykNet Aktueel, and various awards shows.

Ilana Gordon has over 20 years of live TV experience locally and abroad in live operations, systems consulting and graphics development. She provides training and support to XPression users as well as integration with other live broadcast solutions including the Ross Carbonite range of switchers. She works as a vision mixer and live technical director on various productions across multiple genres.
The operations crew at Go! Graphics comprises a team of hard-working professional freelancers, available across South Africa and abroad. They are experienced, solid under pressure, and always with a sense of humour. We match the right operator with your production, ensuring a good fit.

Internal training sessions are done as often as the schedule allows, ensuring that our crew is always match-fit and ready to GO!

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